This is where the final released albums turn up, and where people occasionally pay for them. No prospect yet of iTunes etc, so this is the home of Kahana records for now.

This is the Soundcloud page for “alans_guitars”, which predates the Kahana project, thus you will find some of the earlier instrumental material here. Occasionally used for posting works in progress, and also contains the complete albums when finished.

This is the Reverbnation profile page for Kahana. Reverbnation is kind of like Myspace used to be, a place to set up a nice profile page, add some songs, pictures etc. Not sure how useful it is as a promotional device, but I have had some nice comments from people on here, so at least the music occasionally gets heard. The four songs from “Soft Landing” on here are actually the self-mastered versions, which you may prefer to the “official” versions on Bandcamp (certainly “A Matter Of Time” seems to come across better here).

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This is the Facebook page for Kahana, which currently has a pitifully small number of “likes”, despite invitations. Given that these days only a fraction of people who like a Facebook page get to see the posts on it, it’s likely that at most a couple of people see what I post here, but I try to keep it updated anyway.

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This is actually my personal Twitter profile. I would create a separate one for Kahana, but I suspect it would struggle as much as the Facebook page. Alternatively I could rename this to Kahana, but that might just confuse people. In any case, any Kahana news will be posted on here.